Lets Get Started 

Thank you for choosing BehaviorLink as your Applied Behavior Analysis Provider. The process of receiving therapy can be a bit overwhelming, but we are here to help you through the process!

Step 1: Initial Contact

This occurs when the parent calls the office to inquire about therapy. We gather some basic information such as name, age, gender, location and primary concerns. 

Step 2: Intake 

Please complete the New Client Application here 


and the Intake Form here



The above forms will ask for your insurance information. Please complete these as soon as possible so we can check the benefit. 

Step 3: Benefit Check 

BehaviorLink will check to see if your insurance covers ABA therapy. We will send you a detailed explanation of the benefit. If you do not have coverage, we will discuss other funding sources. 

Step 4: Intake Forms and Psychological Evaluation Submission 

You will send BehaviorLink your intake packet as well as a psychological evaluation as most insurance companies require this evaluation to authorize the therapy. Some carriers will allow for a medical order however most will require that the psychological evaluation be submitted. 

Step 5: Assessment Authorization

BehaviorLink will request an authorization to do an assessment on your child. This assessment usually takes a few days to be approved. 

Step 6: Initial Assessment 

We will schedule a time to do an initial assessment. The BCBA will be the one doing the assessment. She will review your concerns and assess development across all domains. The assessment will consist of interviews, observation and direct testing. 

Step 7: Treatment Plan

We will develop a treatment plan within 7 days of the assessment. The plan will outline the findings of the assessment, discuss present levels, define goals and objectives and provide a recommendation for hours per week of therapy. 

We will review the plan with you and send it to the insurance company to obtain an authorization to begin therapy. This authorization may take about a week although some carriers are faster while others take a but more time. 

Step 8: Therapy begins 

We will contact you to schedule your first therapy session. We will create a weekly schedule at your first session.