BehaviorLink provides ABA therapy to individuals in the home, school and community. We utilize a team of highly educated and trained staff to: 

  • Develop function-based behavior assessment (FBA)/functional analysis (FA) reports

  • Conduct assessments- direct observations, interviews, functional assessment screening tools, VB-MAPP & ABBLS-R​

  • Develop function-based treatment plans, program reviews and updates

  • Develop data collection systems

  • Consultation for home-based ABA programs

  • Community based training

  • Therapist/staff training

  • Collaborate with other professionals involved in the client's life such as speech pathologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, etc.

  • Provide in-home and/or community training

  • Provide training to parents/family or staff members in “principles of behavior analysis”

  • Provide strategies to increase appropriate behaviors such as language, communication, social skills, on-task behavior, problem solving skills, etc.